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StepSpace / 01 Feb

Teamwork Approach Brings Fast-Growing Tech Company To StepSpace

One thing we do well in Belfast is help each other out when times get tough.


When Primark’s flagship store in Belfast was destroyed by a fire in August last year all eyes turned to the impact the damaging blaze would have on retailers. However, many companies were also forced to vacate their office space for three months or longer if they fell within the cordoned off hazardous area.


One of those businesses was Teamwork, an ambitious and fast-growing software development company which opened its first Belfast office only 12 weeks before the fire. Founded in 2007 in Cork, Teamwork builds integrated SaaS software to run businesses more efficiently. The team is already 240 people strong and working across 183 countries with 24,000 customers worldwide.


Philipp Maucher, global operations manager at Teamwork, said: “We had just moved into our office on Belfast’s Royal Avenue when we were unfortunately forced to leave the space temporarily. We knew that we needed to find a suitable alternative within a week however we didn’t know how long for so there was a lot of uncertainty. During those first few days our employees were working from home or based in a conference room at the nearby Clayton Hotel.


“We hadn’t heard about StepSpace until a colleague suggested that we contacted them to see if they could help us. Flexibility was key for us and operations manager Ann Trueman couldn’t have made the move any easier. Within a week we had relocated, set up our screens and were back up and running.”


Teamwork has big plans for its Belfast team. With two new products due to be launched in 2019, one of which is being built in the city, they hope to grow to over 50 Northern Ireland-based employees before the end of the year.


Philipp said: “While it has been nice to get back into our own office on Royal Avenue, our move to StepSpace was exactly what we needed at that time. It is a professional working environment with great break out spaces for relaxation. The design of the space really attracted us to it as it was very similar to the vibe of our headquarters in Cork.


“Belfast as a city has been brilliant to do business in during the last year, despite this challenging time. Before we set up here we had considered several other locations, but the support that we received from Invest NI and the access to fantastic talent pulled us to Northern Ireland. Our team has gelled together so well and we know they are producing some excellent work which will be reflected in our next product.”


Operations manager for StepSpace, Ann Trueman, said: “Teamwork found themselves in a very difficult situation within their first year of being in the city and we were more than happy to provide them with an office on a temporary and flexible basis. Our contracts have been designed to work for our tenants, so this was the perfect match for what they were looking for. Most of the companies in StepSpace are on a fast growth trajectory, similar to Teamwork, so they fitted in extremely well with all of our tenants.”


If your company is growing quickly and you are looking for flexible office space in Belfast city centre please contact Ann Trueman on 028 96 209209 or email

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