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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about connection, security, leases or availability? We have them covered.

Some Recently Asked

Who uses StepSpace? Stepspace has been created for companies that are scaling fast and also those locating to Belfast who might not know exactly the size their operation will grow to and how soon.
What is included in the price? We know additional charges can be an unexpected surprise when leasing office space which is why we include all bills in our price.
Is StepSpace a Co-Working Space? StepSpace bridges the gap between co-working space and traditional offices with long-term leases. Private company offices are centered around a communal core; allowing as much privacy or collaboration as your business needs.
Why choose StepSpace over a traditional lease? Many businesses grow at a rate now that means that five and ten year lease terms just don't work because of the time and financial commitments involved. We work with companies that have fluid staffing, budgets and locational requirements.
How short is a short tenancy? How long is a piece of string? We look at all our tenants needs on an individual basis and create a bespoke package that gives you the flexibility to grow and the security to succeed.
What if my company needs to stay longer than expected? We cater for a huge range of companies from start-ups coming from incubators, occupiers leaving and entering traditional leases, multi-nationals scoping for relations and pretty much everything in between.