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StepSpace / 18 Jun

How StepSpace is breaking new ground in the Belfast Office Market

The rigid, banal office buildings of the past now seem contradictory to the fast-paced next generation of digitised business. Innovative companies are crying out for office space that will grow and adapt with them in an advancing digital world where AI and VR are no longer the stuff of science fiction films.

StepSpace has been created as part of Causeway Asset Management’s Future-Fit concept to bridge the gap between co-working office space and the traditional city centre office letting, creating a community and culture that has collaboration and growth at it’s core while also providing high quality professional space.

Timothy Lee, Design Consultant at PLY Design, a vital member of the ground breaking professional team Causeway Asset Management have assembled to role out the StepSpace brand, gives us some insights into this unique offering to the Befast office market.

A new style of office

StepSpace offers tenants a fully scalable, modular office environment that allows companies to fully flourish as they grow. When Causeway brought PLY Design onboard they had the unique challenge of creating a space that could be easily adapted depending on the tenants’ various needs and was 100% occupier driven.
Tim explains, “Our key objective was to develop a flexible workspace which could grow with the demands of StepSpace tenants. We have achieved this by integrating the latest technologies and design innovation in terms of connectivity, flexible building services & adaptive workspaces which can grow from a 10-desk office to a 50-desk office over the space of 48 hours.”
Putting technology at the forefront of office design is now essential to sustain growing businesses in every sector. StepSpace offer superfast, super-connected internet to ensure their tenants have reliable and secure connections to run their day-to-day operations efficiently.

Design that inspires creativity and fun

A key element of the StepSpace design was to cultivate a space that promotes collaboration and a sense of community yet also grant tenants their privacy.
Tim elaborates, “The StepSpace model has instilled this ideology with a bottom up approach by placing private offices around the peripheries whilst centralising and celebrating communal living spaces and open plan amenities.”
CMI Workplace reported that office design can boost employee wellness by up to 33 per cent. Communal areas encourage communication amongst employees which can help spark creativity and innovation.

A unique working space

“Our working & social environments have moved away from the typical 9 to 5 model, essentially blurring work and social hierarchies into a more dynamic entity. We believe that future work spaces should follow this evolution by not only providing comfortable working environments but also great social spaces,” explains Tim.
This vibrant yellow and dark charcoal colour scheme is a bold backdrop for office space which is testimony to the forward-thinking style created by PLY-Design, “We have moved away from the typical sterile office environment by softening the interiors with our use of materials, lighting & custom furniture design.”
Tim describes his favourite elements of the building, “The most notable design element which defines StepSpace is our custom curved partition which weaves through the common space acting as soft boundary corridor to private offices. This dynamic feature not only acts as a multi-functional amenity but adds a sense of playfulness to the overall space.”

StepSpace offer collaborative work space that enables companies to thrive as they expand their team and scale out operations. Fully flexible leases and a dedicated concierge service allow organisations to grow at their own pace with support throughout their journey. Take a look at the space and see how your company could fit in.

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