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StepSpace / 16 Jul

First Year At StepSpace

For anyone who missed Digital DNA you won’t have seen our operations manager, Ann Trueman, giving a fantastic overview of our first year in StepSpace.

Don’t panic though! We recorded a brilliant video so that you can watch it now.

“So our first year has been really successful. We have, within our first year, launched our second space, which is on floor one of Centre House and the very fabulous PA Consulting have moved from floor seven to floor one.

“We worked with PA Consulting to create a space which represented them and their needs but also one which represents StepSpace and the fact that we are about nurturing scaling companies and supporting them with their growth.

“This year we have had some very dynamic companies come and go through StepSpace including Whitespace and PA Consulting, who are our two core companies. We were lucky enough to work with a fantastic company called Teamwork who were displaced by the Primark fire and they moved in for four months. We have recently also welcomed ScreenCloud into the StepSpace family.”


“There have been a lot of people through our doors and a lot of beer and pizza have been had. We have had a really fun, I think that is very important, and successful first year

“StepSpace understands what businesses need, especially what scaling companies need. They need the flexibility to just focus on their work and let someone else take care of everything else. That’s very much what we offer. And that’s my role – when the companies are in their offices they are working hard but when they come out, they can just relax.”


“The first thing people say when they come and visit StepSpace is WOW. And I am very proud of that. A lot of time has been spent on the design of StepSpace to have it as a place where companies who are working hard, building their client base can work and also play. The communal core enables companies to have a place to come out and have informal meetings, host a meet up or just to relax.


“PA came to us as a company who had 20 staff initially. Within four weeks they were at 30 and then they came to us and said they needed more space. We had many meetings to see what they needed, we gave them a proposal and they loved it.

“The relationship that was established with PA Consulting from the start gave them the confidence that we would deliver another fantastic space for them. We had an incredibly quick turnaround of around 8 weeks and they moved into floor one in December 2018.

“Floor one gives them capacity for 100 staff and they are sitting at 70 now so they are doing fantastically well.

“We ensure that our companies are never put out so when a company comes to us and says that they are at 20 and needs another 10 desks within a period of a weekend we can have a wall down. The company leaves on a Friday and comes back on a Monday to the additional desks.”

If your company is growing quickly and you are looking for flexible office space in Belfast city centre please contact Ann Trueman on 028 96 209209 or email

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