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StepSpace / 08 May

Dragon Backed Hayward Hawk Fly Into StepSpace

Dragon’s Den investor-backed IT and Professional Services Recruitment specialists, Hayward Hawk, are the newest occupants of StepSpace, joining MANTIS and CGX at Centre House in the heart of Belfast City Centre.

Hayward Hawk, a standout in the recruitment industry, is not just another recruitment firm. They distinguish themselves by fostering strong connections with local talent and leading businesses, a unique approach that sets them apart and will pique your interest in top talent.

Under the steadfast leadership of directors Richard Waterson & Gemma Murphy and with the guidance of Dragon’s Den investor James Caan, Hayward Hawk is unwavering in their commitment to empowering businesses to achieve their growth ambitions. They excel in finding the best permanent roles or contract staffing solutions for companies, providing a sense of reassurance in their capabilities.

Talking about the company and their ideals, Richard Waterson said:

“Sometimes, it’s not what you know or who you know, but how you apply the two. Hayward Hawk can use what you know to the people we know. It’s the perfect combination.

We source specialist individuals who want to be part of growing a business. This means an exciting career path (that they get to choose), progression opportunities, and a chance to be part of something a little bit different, something they can add their stamp to.”

Gemma Murphy continued talking about the move to StepSpace and future expansion:

“Our association with James Caan, one of the original investors in Dragons’ Den and a renowned name in recruitment, has been a significant advantage. As an investment-funded company, we have exciting growth plans for the next few years. The flexible space at StepSpace is an ideal platform for us to scale our ambitions swiftly when the time is right.

Also, we can spend more time developing our business without worrying about paperwork for service and utility bills, a long lease, or being tied in the long term when the markets are as volatile as they have ever been. Being dynamic is in our DNA at Hayward Hawk, and StepSpace allows us to pivot when we need it while providing the security we need for now.”

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